Pot Bust Number 2 In A Week

For the 2nd time in a week Lacrosse Police have busted a local drug dealer. This time it's 25 year old Chris Wurzel. He faces felony charges after police found 4 pounds of pot last night in his southside home.

Police arrested Wurzel after searching his house at 2021 Green Bay Street. He's in the La Crosse County Jail without bond. He told police that he has sold pot for 7 years and has made close to $40 thousand in that time. He said he gets his 3 pound supply every two weeks from a Twin Cities dealer...who he would not identify. Wurzel will be in court this afternoon.





Last Thursday, Lacrosse arrested 27 year old Grant Anderson after they police found 2 pounds of marijuana at his Vine Street apartment. They also found a loaded handgun, ammunition, over 6 grand in cash, cocaine, bongs and a digital scale. Anderson said he was over $50 grand in debt to his dealer.

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