Cop Finds Missing Boys and Filthy House

Cops see plenty that's disturbing.  But a home that one of La Crosse's officers visited this week-end will probably stay with him for awhile.  The officer was looking for a missing seven year-old and a ten year-old boy yesterday afternoon.  Wound up at one of the boy's houses on the northside.  Talked to the mom.  And immediately was overwhelmed by the extreme filth and squalor that the family was living in.  In his report, the cop described a place with garbage on the floor.  Nothing clean in the kitchen.  Cat feces in the kids' bedroom.  No sheets.  Dirty mattresses.  And a mom, strung out on heroin, telling stories about how her druggie friends would frequently stay over for days or weeks at a time.  Police arrested one of those pals at the house and referred mom to the county.  

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