Take Me Home or Take Me to Jail

After bartime, it can be infamously hard to get a cab in downtown La Crosse.  Appears a guy who got in trouble this week-end was too drunk to try.  Cops say he got thrown out of a downtown bar at bartime and tried to get back in.  That's when a cop got involved.  Tried to be nice.  Tried to send the 22 year-old on his way.  But the fellow wouldn't have anything of it.  Said, as a soldier, he shouldn't be treated that way.   Threatened to call the mayor and the judge to complain.  Wanted a ride home.  Still, the cop said goodnight and left him.  Half an hour later the same guy was pounding on the back door of the jail, demanding either a ride home or a night behind bars.  Original cop took the call, took pity on the guy, and took him home.  But not before writing him a $177 ticket for disorderly conduct. 

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