Onalaska Thief Busted

An Onalaska man was arrested this week and charged with numerous counts of burglary and theft. Twenty year old Jonathan Huber was arrested Tuesday and charged with 5 counts of burglary, 4 counts of theft and residential burglary. On Monday, an Onalaska Officer reported that his personal vehicle had been entered and an ipod was taken. Through a check of the LeadsOnline system, it was found that the ipod had been pawned at Pawn America by Huber’s girlfriend. The officer’s property was successfully recovered with Pawn America’s cooperation.

Early Tuesday morning, an Onalaska resident noticed that the dome light in his vehicle, which was parked in his garage, was on. He watched as an strange car left the area. The man found that his wallet had been taken and then called Police.  Later that morning Onalaska Officer Dan McCluskey located the car parked behind an apartment complex in Onalaska. Huber was then arrested on suspicion of theft and burglary.

In the car, officers found debit and credit cards, 2 GPS units, a Blackberry phone, cash, 2 ipods, 2 car stereo remotes, 2 digital recorders, and a lady’s and man's watch.

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