Some School Districts Victorious At The Polls Tuesday

Voters denied an almost $24 million measure in Arcadia that would have gone to replace an elementary school that is almost 100 years old. The measure was voted down by a 741-546 margin.

The  Independence School District narrowly passed a school operating referendum Tuesday, the result was 252 yes votes to 232 no votes. The referendum allows the district to exceed state revenue limits by $250 thousand a year for five years. This is the second vote on the measure in less then 9 it was voted down in February.

It was all smiles in Caledonia Tuesday as voters there approved renewing a $725 per student levy and approved of a one day bond sale. Voters approved the school’s levy 669-178. The bond sale was also approved, 700-144.

Other Minnesota school districts that walked away victorious Tuesday were Lewiston-Altura.......Plainview-Elgin-Millville.......and Mabel-Canton.

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