La Crosse Man Arrested After Interfering in Different Arrest

A La Crosse guy put up a heckuva fight this week-end, but still wound up in the back of a squad car, with taser probes in his back and a spit hood on his head.   Police say Shawn Xiong wasn't even the guy they were after when they responded to a domestic throw-down on Saturday night.  But, they say, he was drunk and belligerent and causing problems, so they pulled out the handcuffs.  But Xiong didn't want to go quietly.  A scuffle ensued.  They tumbled down some stairs.  They tased him.  Three times.  Finally got him in the back of a squad.  And he spit in a cop's eye.   Thus the spit hood.   Xiong faces a number of charges. 

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