Teens Steal Sparta Car......Get Busted In Wyoming


Three area teens are in the Carbon County, Wyoming Jail following a 73-mile high-speed chase that ended north of Rawlins late Wednesday night. Justin Martin and Cameron Gast of Tomah and Allan Dejesus of Sparta, all 18 years old, were arrested after evading the Wyoming Highway Patrol. The three suspects attempted to flee, but Martin and Gast were quickly apprehended. Dejesus was not found until Thursday morning. After stealing a bicycle, he was found at a Burger King.

Dejesus was driving 82 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone. When the trooper who pulled them over sent their license plate number to his dispatcher, the Ford Focus showed up as stolen from Sparta. Before the trooper could approach the vehicle, Dejesus sped off and the high-speed pursuit began. After evading a set of spike strips, the car hit a second set. After the car was disabled, the three fled.
According to the Carbon County Jail’s arrest report, each of the three suspects were booked in on a felony charge of wrongful taking of or disposing of property, which has a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Official charges are likely to be filed in Carbon County Circuit Court.

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