Doyle Named To State Task Force

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Representative Steve Doyle has been appointed to a Special Task Force on UW Restructuring and Operational Facilities. The Committee was created during the State Budget discussions when a proposal to separate the UW-Madison from the UW System was deleted. The Committee will be given the task of determining whether there is a need to change the UW System and, if so, to make recommendations as to a new governance structure.


The Committee is comprised of 17 members appointed by the Governor and the Legislative Leaders. The Committee will include public and business leaders and one member of the public will serve as Chairperson.


If the Committee determines that there is a need to make changes to the current system, they must offer recommendations. The first consideration will be how to transition employees between systems, and how pay plans for System employees should be determined in the future. They will also need to decide if tuition flexibility can be extended to the UW System and what role the Legislature should have in establishing tuition rates. Finally, the Committee will review how transfer of credits between the UW institutions can be improved. The task force must submit a report to the Governor by January 1st, 2012.

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