GAB Investigates Lacrosse Teacher

The Government Accountability Board has decided to do a formal investigation into potential violations of conduct by Jeffrey Greene of the La Crosse school district. It is related to prohibitions on political solicitation involving public officials and employees and also violations related to misconduct in public office.

At issue is an e-mail sent by Greene, an employee of the Emerson Elementary School, using his official government e-mail account and school equipment, to an undisclosed list of recipients. In the e-mail, Greene uses political language and attacks on elected representatives to solicit volunteers to campaign on behalf of candidate Steve Doyle. Greene provides dates, times, locations and contact information to potential volunteers. Greene further encourages the recipients to "forward this message onto your list of union or union family contacts."

The GAB requires local officials conduct an investigation prior to their further action after receipt of a complaint. This has been done and now the formal investigation has begun.

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