Search For 6 Year Old Boy Suspended

It all started with a family swim on a hot day. For the Thao family of Lacrosse, never would they think it would end with a search for 6 year old Jr. Thao. And that search in the Mississippi River was suspended at 8pm tonight due to safety concerns.

Thao went missing around 3pm today as the family swam in an area of Pettibone Beach that did not have a life guard. After family members noticed Thao was missing, they called police.

Search and Rescue boats from Lacrosse County and the Sheriff's Department, 2 Lacrosse County Dive teams and the Coast Guard Auxiliary all descended on the spot where the youngster was last seen swimming. Sonar cameras were brought in, though by 6pm the search moved away from the beach and down river towards the Big Blue Bridges.  That's where it least for today.

Cousin, Julie Thao, told me at the scene that a Hmong ritual was performed at the house and beach area......a funeral of sorts. She has hopes  that the ritual comes true and" who ever has young JR.....they will bring him back....back where he can be seen again". For will be back in the water again in the morning.

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