Smoke-Free Celebration

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On Tuesday, the 7 C’s Health Initiative will host a media event to commemorate the one year anniversary of Wisconsin Act 12. Since the implementation of smoke-free businesses in Wisconsin, bars and restaurants have seen a 92% decrease in unhealthy air in their establishments. As well, over 500,000 Wisconsin workers are protected daily because of the success of the smoke-free air law. Five hundred flags will be placed in the ground near Valley View Mall in Onalaska as a symbol of these 500,000 employees working in Wisconsin that are protected under the Smoke-Free Worksite law. Because of this amazing achievement in the state of Wisconsin, it is important to recognize the success and all those that worked so diligently on the law. Representative Jennifer Shilling and Representative Steve Doyle will be in attendance to show their support, as well as Senator Kapanke has been invited to attend.

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