District To Honor Partners In Coming Months

The Board of Education for the School District of La Crosse will honor Gundersen Lutheran for their service to and partnership with the district during last night's board meeting. Superintendent of Schools Jerry Kembe says he feels it is important that the public know how local organizations and businesses partner with the schools and make a significant difference in our students’ education.
Gundersen Lutheran is an active partner throughout the School District of La Crosse.  Their child care center is a 4 year old preschool site and has been an active participant in the development of the district’s model preschool program.  Gundersen employees provide countless presentations and programs to students each school year including hosting tours, sponsoring the middle school Health/Science Expo and providing job shadowing experiences.  The Gundersen Lutheran Foundation’s Global Partners Program works with our schools to educate them about the needs and conditions of students in other countries and has linked our students’ fundraising efforts with schools across the globe.  Gundersen Lutheran has been instrumental in the development of the district’s Health Science Academy and has been a long-time supporter of the Lincoln Middle School Medical Partnership program.  Each of which has exposed students to the many careers and fields of study in the health care industry.
The honor is the first in a series of recognitions of business and organizations that the board will be presenting in the coming months.

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