WWII Buildings Coming Down At Fort McCoy

Fort McCoy is ushering in a new era of barracks space with the construction of a new Annual Training/Mobilization barracks facility. Brian Harrie, a community planner at the Master Planning Division of the Fort McCoy Directorate of Public Works, said the permanent, brick-and-mortar facility will be the first barracks built to support transient training at Fort McCoy since 1942.
The new structure will improve the quality of life for Soldiers training for a limited time at the installation.

The $7 million project, expected to begin this fall, should be completed early in fiscal year 2013. The project will include 160 bed spaces in open bays and eight semi-private bed spaces for higher-ranking Soldiers, and an on-site parking lot. The facility will house Soldiers during two-week annual training or extended training.

It will include an Internet café area, separate shower and latrine areas, a laundry area, recycling area, etc. The floor plan will allow for the sectioning off the facility to house female Soldiers.

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