Election Deadlines Today

Today is the deadline for candidates to file nomination papers in the recall elections against six Republican state senators. Primaries are expected in all six races, and they’re set for July 12th. The general elections are scheduled for August ninth. Republicans vowed to put up fake Democrats to guarantee the primaries, for the purpose of giving their incumbent senators an extra month to campaign. But Democrats called that dishonest – and they vowed to have enough of their own candidates in the primaries. Three Democratic senators are also up for recall. But their elections won’t be held until a week after the Republicans.


Today is also the deadline for voting residency rules set by a new Wisconsin law that went into effect June 8th. Lacrosse County Clerk, Ginny Denkmeyer, says in order to eligible to vote in the July 12th recall general elections or primaries, voters must live in a voting district for 28 consecutive days. People who meet the 28-consecutive-day residency requirement may still register to vote on Election Day at the polling place.

Denkmeyer says adding the primary to the ballot will cost the county an additional $55 thousand on top of the money that will be spent on the general election.

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