Minn. Colleges To Send Layoff Notices?

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system will send layoff notices to 6,000 employees Friday if it can't work out a deal to get access to its money in a state government shutdown.

The MnSCU Board of Trustees held an emergency meeting today to discuss the implications of a shutdown.

Chief Financial Officer Laura King says the system has enough money in state accounts to keep operating but might not be able to access it in a shutdown. She says she's confident the system will reach a deal with the state budget department to keep processing MnSCU's money during a shutdown.

But if the deal isn't reached by Friday, the layoff notices will go out. If there's no deal at all, she says, the system could shut down July 1st. And Linda Kohl, spokeswoman for the system, says that would be catastrophic. Kohl says the system avoided the last state shutdown in 2005, when a deal was put in place at the deadline.

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