***Tornado Cleanup Update***

Recovery and clean-up of storm damaged debris in the tornado area is continuing. This effort will continue for some time. The tornado damage areas generally affected include: South 7th, Cook Street, Miller Street, Wollan Place, Steele St, Bundy Street South Avenue from Green Bay & 9th to West Avenue & from 9th to Farnam, east to West Avenue West Avenue, with the north boundary of Farnam Street, and the south boundary of Travis Street, east to 27th Street 28th Street east to 31st Street, with the north boundary Blackhawk Place and the south boundary Green Bay Street. The City will continue to pick up tree debris from street boulevard trees and also tree debris from private, storm damaged trees through June 3, 2011 The City will also pick up limited amounts of storm damaged building materials including siding, lumber, insulation, wood waste, and shingles from only the storm damage areas identified above.

Debris should be piled alongside the city street and will be limited in size to a pile approximately 4 feet wide by 4 feet high by 4 feet long. The amount of debris the City will remove is not intended for properties where garages, yard sheds, or roofs were damaged or where more extensive damage to the home was incurred. Those properties will have to provide for their own disposal of storm damaged building materials. Properties with debris piles larger than that indicated above will not be picked up by the City. Building material piles must not have garbage, household hazardous waste, brush, or tree debris mixed in. Mixed piles will not be picked up. Pick-up of storm damaged building materials from the areas identified above will continue through June 3, 2011. Residents are reminded that they can place large items and limited amounts of lumber and building materials out with their ‘normal’ recycling collection following the guidelines in the 2011 Recycler information calendar.

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