Tornado Strikes Tomah Speedway

Once again Mother Nature has proven she is not a race fan in 2011. This time on a more serious scale. The storm that tore up parts of LaCrosse, Sparta and Tomah also hit Excalibur Speedway.

“A few of the power lines at the speedway were blown over and unfortunately we are not the only one having issues. The soonest we were able to find anyone to come and repair the damage was Friday. That is too close to race time and so we made the decision to push the opening back one more week. We hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend.” -Greg Oliver, Race Operations Manager.

Officials plan to have everything repaired by the weekend and have everything back up
and ready to go the following week. The 2011 season, if we get some cooperation from Mather Nature, will officially kick off Friday June 3rd

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