***Tornado Note***

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The City of La Crosse is NOT planning a construction or building material debris clean up at this time. Residents must contact waste haulers for a dumpster or haul material to the La Crosse County Solid Waste Department located at 6502 State Road 16, La Crosse, WI. For more information, they can be reached at 608-785-5972. If you have materials that qualify as large items, they may be put out on the same day as your recycling for Harter’s to pick up. Please refer to the 2011 Recycler for guidelines or contact the City of La Crosse Recycling office at 608-789-7508 or Harter’s Quick clean up at 608-782-2082. If construction, building, or other foreign material is found to be in with tree debris, the City of La Crosse will not pick it up and you will have to haul it all to the Solid Waste Department.

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