Tornado Hits City

An apparent tornado ripped La Crosse from edge to edge late afternoon.   A path of destruction from Isle La Plume to the bluffs on the southside left all of the city's firefighters and police officers--plus some help from departments outside the city--scrambling into the night.   The storm toppled numerous trees, shredded rooftops, tore whole chunks from the sides of some buildings and made a mishmash spaghetti out of powerlines.  The tornado traveled along a path that stretched for a mile, 3-4 blocks wide.  Gundersen Lutheran also appears to have sustained some damage and did lose power during the storm.   Gundersen will not hold any appointments in either the East or Founder's Buildings Monday.  Meanwhile, mayor Harter has declared a state of emergency in the city and two emergency relief shelters have been set up at Central high and Lincoln middle schools.  La Crosse schools will be open on Monday.  Thousands in La Crosse were still without power by nightfall with a prediction from Xcel that all should be restored by the end of the day Monday.

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