Dumped In A Pond

Three people were dumped in a pond a snowplow.

Just before noon Tuesday, 38 year old Melody Cox of Prairie Du Chien was driving on Highway 35 near Stoddard when she passed a snowplow clearing the roads. As she passed the threw snow on her windshield causing her not to be able to see where she was going. Her car spun out of control and ended up in a pond.

Cox and two other passengers were pulled form the freezing water by Vernon County deputies. All 3 were taken to Gunderson Lutheran in Lacrosse with non-life threatening injuries.


+2 #1 Russell T 2011-04-20 15:29
It was my friend Paul Pretasky, NOT vernon county deputies that pulled the the people out of the water. Paul, after almost being hit head on by the woman, called 911 then jumped into the water. The car was still floating so swam it back to shore and helped the three people onto shore before any deputies arrived on the scene. Just saying...

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