DNR To Burn

The state Department of Natural Resources will be conducting prescribed burns this spring on various State Natural Areas and some private lands in Crawford, Jackson, La Crosse, Pepin, and Trempealeau counties.  Parcels are typically burned on a two to five year rotation and vary in size from 90 to 340 acres. Fires are used in grassland management to improve wildlife habitat, control invasive plant species and reduce wildfire potential.


Prescribed burns also:


Stimulate prairie grass growth and improve habitat for upland game and waterfowl.


Create pockets of open water for waterfowl amidst cattails proliferating in low areas.


Improve cover type for upland nesting birds, such as pheasants, and spur native vegetative growth for songbirds.


Help preserve grasslands and native flora, plant species sustained by natural fires prior to intensive European settlement.


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