Badge/Coulee Line Meetings

It's early in the project stages and it has already ruffled some feathers........

American Transmission Company has plans for a high-voltage transmission line in western Wisconsin that would address electric system reliability issues locally and in the Midwest, provide economic savings and support renewable energy policy. The area, from the LaCrosse area to northern Dane County, is being considered as a possible corridor for the approximately 150-mile line.

Sarah Justice says negative comments like the ones they heard last week in Lafarge.......are needed ones as they try to find 2 lines over a 3700 mile area in which to place the high voltage lines.

The Badger Coulee Transmission Line, if approved by state regulators, would not be in service until 2018; in fact, ATC said it does not expect to file an application for the line until 2013. Informational meetings began in fall 2010. A second round of open houses will be held this summer.

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