Kwik Trip Getting Boycott Threat from Public Unions

 The next tactic for public unions: boycott.  State police and fire unions are among those signing on to a letter going out to businesses around Wisconsin, threatening boycott unless those businesses stand against governor Scott Walker's moves to take away collective bargaining rights.  This is part of the letter we received from Wisconsin Professional Police Association head, Jim Palmer. (Other unions signing on: 

 Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin

International Association of Firefighters

Madison Teachers, Inc.

Green Bay Education Association

Dane County Deputy Sheriffs Association

Madison Professional Police Officers Association)

March 11, 2011
Mr. Scott Tiegen, CEO
Kwik Trip, Inc.
1626 Oak Street P.O. Box 2107 La Crosse, WI 54602-2107
Dear Mr. Tiegen:

As you undoubtedly know, Governor Walker recently proposed a “budget adjustment bill” to eviscerate public employees’ right to collectively bargain in Wisconsin. Collective bargaining has maintained labor peace between public employers and employees for more than 50 years, and according to every poll taken in the last few weeks, it enjoys overwhelming public support. In refusing to accept the willingness of many of the unions to be flexible on economic matters, Governor Walker has made it clear that his bill is really aimed at union busting, rather than “putting the state’s fiscal house in order.” This revelation has caused Wisconsin citizens to hold massive demonstrations at the State Capitol and throughout Wisconsin in adamant opposition to Governor Walker’s attempt to destroy collective bargaining. Never before in our State’s history have we witnessed such a massive and continued outpouring of opposition to any governor or issue.
As you also know, Scott Walker did not campaign on this issue when he ran for office. If he had, we are confident that you would not be listed among his largest contributors. As such, we are contacting you now to request your support.
The undersigned groups would like your company to publicly oppose Governor Walker’s efforts to virtually eliminate collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin. While we appreciate that you may need some time to consider this request, we ask for your response by March 17. In the event that you do not respond to this request by that date, we will assume that you stand with Governor Walker and against the teachers, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, and other dedicated public employees who serve our communities.
In the event that you cannot support this effort to save collective bargaining, please be advised that the undersigned will publicly and formally boycott the goods and services provided by your company. However, if you join us, we will do everything in our power to publicly celebrate your partnership in the fight to preserve the right of public employees to be heard at the bargaining table.
Also be advised that we are concerned about your company’s participation in
Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and its continued effort to support
candidates who oppose collective bargaining. It makes no difference to us how
much or little money you put into that effort. Your participation in that organization
provides you an opportunity to halt this practice. We would also request that Kwik
Trip disclose whether it makes contributions to any other organizations, such as
Americans for Prosperity or the Club for Growth or the U.S. Chamber of
We recognize your right to form political associations but we also believe the
public has a right to know what kind of contributions or payments you make that
impact the political process. As labor organizations we and our members do not
care to provide profits to companies that are working directly or indirectly to
threaten the livelihood of our members.
Wisconsin’s public employee unions serve to protect and promote equality and
fairness in the workplace. We hope you will stand with us and publicly share that

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