U-Haul Baby

When Draper Lewis decided to move his family from Minneapolis to Chicago for a new job, he didn't know about a little pit stop he would have to make in Black River Falls.

Lewis was traveling south on I-94 with his pregnant wife Angel and their 3-year- old daughter. Angel, who was not due until March 17th and needed to be induced for her other pregnancies, said she was having contractions and felt like pushing. Mr. Lewis did not have a signal on his cell phone, but was able to call 911.

At 12:01 am today, Amaya Christine made her grand entrance in a U-Haul. The dispatcher asked Mr. Lewis to pull the truck over and guided him though cleaning the baby and tying the umbilical cord with his shoe string.

Black River Falls EMS responded to the call as well and delivered mother and baby to Black River Memorial Hospital. Staff took over where the paramedics left off, and reacted immediately to care for little Amaya and her brave mom. "This is a good hospital, we are very thankful for all they have done for us," said a grateful Mr. Lewis. While others were caring for the family, the hospital's environmental services department cleaned out the cab of the moving truck and the housekeeping staff washed clothes for the family so they could continue their move to Chicago.

When Mr. Lewis was later asked how he was doing, he said he was still in shock and couldn't believe he has a "U-haul Baby".

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