Wind Power in Wisconsin? Not Looking Pretty

For Renew Wisconsin, new, uniform rules for wind farms in the state were a huge deal. The group lobbied for the new rules hard. So, Renew's Micheal Vickerman is especially pessimistic about the outlook for wind energy in the state now that those rules have been suspended.   He says the short term outlook is "bleak."   Longer term, it's more "fraught with uncertainty." 


Vickerman says the Wisconsin Realtors Association is behind the suspension of the wind farm rules. He says the Realtors oppose wind farms because they allow farmers to hold on to their land and not sell it for development.  Although realtors opposed the wind siting rules, so did the Wisconsin Towns Association as well as a special interest anti-wind power group run by former state senator Bob Welch, among others.   


+4 #1 tom meyer 2011-03-09 15:13
This is Tom Meyer. I am a Realtor member of the Wind Siting Council. What evidence does Renew's Michael Vickerman have to support his accusation? There is evidence that the financial benefit building 400 ft turbines on agricultural land in Wisconsin communities is detrimantal to neighboring property values. There is evidence that the rules favor big energy, RENEW, & turbine developers at the expense of the unfairly, and uncompensated neighbors and landowners.
Ask Michael Vickerman why RENEW is opposed to allowing the landowners who host, and the neighbors who have to look at, listen to, and live with these huge turbines, to organize and negotiate fair compensation?
The land will be available for future development. This technology is only built to last 25 years (age of a roof. In 25 years turbines may be useless--except the massive concrete and steel will be left 4 ft to 20 feet below the ground. Leaving massive debris below grade is a bad ecological idea.

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