Gund Luth Wind Farm Right On Track

A ruling this week by Wisconsin lawmakers was good news for Jeff Rich of Gunderson Lutheran. Rich, the efficiency improvement director, is overseeing an $11.5 million wind farm project near Cashton. He says new statewide standards for locating windenergy farms was thrown out by legislators this week which now clears the way for a more restrictive proposal.

The state Public Service Commission would have required new wind turbines to be located at least 12-hundred-50 feet from neighboring houses. In January, Governor Scott Walker proposed much longer setbacks for new wind turbines of 18-hundred-50-feet.

Rich says the wind farm project is on schedule and construction should start this spring on roads that will lead to the site. He says early fall is the target time for for wind turbines to be installed and they could be going in cirlces by November. Rich says the site is an investment in the community and will help the price of electricty for the Cashton area.

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