O'Malley Says Unions, County Brace For Cuts

It's a matter of working together. That's what Lacrosse County Administrator Steve O' Malley says is the main reason the county board approved a union wage and benefits agreement this week.

The contract is for a one year wage freeze, no increase in health and dental insurance for the county or employees, and all remaining conditions to stay the same through the end of 2011. Also, union and non-union employees agreed to take voluntary unpaid time off, which he says will save the county about $270 thousand. O’Malley says the county has been working with union leaders to come to a wage and benefits agreement for about five months. He says that this is the first time the unions and county agreed to a one-year contract. Usually it’s for two years

O’Malley says the county won’t be able to determine what else needs to be worked out with the unions until Governor Walker unveils his budget.

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