When Will Lacrosse Teaches Make up "Sick Day"?

The teachers in Lacrosse that used a sick day last Thursday, that led to the district shutting down, knew they would have to make that day up eventually. But what about the students who staged walk out's at several schools.


Superintendent Jerry Kember says the students knew before hand that there would be consequences and time to be made up if they did walk out.  He says he attended one walk out......and was proud of the effort put forth by the students.

As for the teacher make up day, Kember says a special meeting will be held Thursday night at 5:30 to decide whether or not to accept March 17th as the non paid school day for teachers. The Lacrosse Public Education Association served up that date last night at the regular school board meeting.

Union president Ed Ludwig said teachers had to act quickly to express their opposition to something that was happening outside the city.

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