La Crosse Mayor Not Punished by Council for Ethics Violations

No censure, no reprimand, not even a fine for La Crosse mayor Matt Harter. A sharply divided city council voted to follow the city's ethics board and not punish the mayor for his ethical malfeasance in meetings with the county solid waste director last year. Not the outcome wanted by just less than half of the city council who voted to censure the mayor. A punishment sought by Jai Johnson who said it was the least that the council should pursue in rebuke of the mayor's actions. 

Although no punishment for the mayor from the city council, he has agreed to pursue an ethics certification from Viterbo.

 Those voting for censure, proposed by 4th district city council member, Jai Johnson(failed on 8-7 vote): Johnson, Andrea Richmond, Chris Olson, Eric Schmidt, Bob Seaquist, Marilyn Wigdahl and Dick Swantz.  


Voting to uphold the recommendations of the Ethics Board and the Judiciary and Administration committee(passed on 8-7 vote): Al Wagner, John Satory, Bob Seaquist, Doug Farmer, Bruce Ranis, Bernie Maney, Tom Sweeney, Lorraine Decker

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