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Wednesday - February 24, 2010 6:01 pm

ATV Snow Plow Bill

If you own an ATV you could do some of your own snow removal. The Wisconsin assembly is considering a bill that would allow all terrain vehicles to plow snow on roads and sidewalks.  Bad idea says LaCrosse county highway boss Dennis Osgood.  These rigs could damage roads and don't have the capability to salt and sand which could leave some roads even more treacherous than if you just left the snow on the road.  Osgood says allowing ATV's to plow snow would also be a safety hazard since they are difficult to see in a snowstorm.


Wednesday - February 24, 2010 5:40 pm

Rides for Elderly and Disabled

Getting old can be tough.  Especially when you can't drive anymore.  LaCrosse county aging unit director Noreen Kuroski says getting to the grocery store, the bank or even to visit a spouse in the nursing home can be a challenge. The MTU offers special rates for the elderly and disabled.  The county also has a mini bus that picks you up at home and takes you to your destination for a reasonable rate.  There is also the the Find a Ride Program where volunteers will give you a lift in their car.  Kuroski says they need more of those volunteers.


Wednesday - February 24, 2010 11:40 am

Onalaska Hockey

A junior hockey franchise is coming to Onalaska.   The city has been negotiating for about five years with a team in Iowa trying to get them to relocate to the Omni Center. Mayor Mike Giese says an agreement was reached with the team after the Omni Center agreed to keep their ice available for a longer period of time to accomadate the hockey schedule.  The Mayor expects the Omni Center to break even if they can attract over 800 fans per game. Junior hockey is a stepping stone for young players looking to catch on with college hockey programs.  The Onalaska franchise will begin their first season in September.


Tuesday - February 23, 2010 8:42 pm

Lakeview Business Park

LaCrosse county set up a business park in West Salem and then the recession hit.  Community development coordinator Brian Fukuda says businesses like the first to move into the Lakeview business park and doing well.  Select Trusses and Lumber was the first to move into the park and Brian tells us they've been a great tenant.  Since then a number of other businesses have moved into the park and Fukuda says there's plenty of room for more.  He admits inquiries have slowed down during the recession but he feels that will pick up along with the economy.


Tuesday - February 23, 2010 8:30 pm

Flu Shot Update

Has the idea of two or three shots kept you from getting vaccinated? Starting next fall one shot will vaccinate you against both the seasonal and swine flu.  LaCrosse county nurse Brynai Weigel.  She hopes more people will get the shot if they only have to go through the experience once a year.  Weigel says cases of H1N1 are low right now.  But, a third wave of the virus could still hit the region.


Tuesday - February 23, 2010 11:40 am

Onalaska tourism

The area still has a lot to attract tourists.  But, the economic recession has definitely had an impact on local tourism numbers.  The city of Onalaska was looking at taking another hit this year when Sunfish Days was cancelled.  It looks like their will be some events at the Omni Center to attract visitors according to Onalaska Tourism Director Jean Lunde.  There will be a carnival and their could be some outdoor activities as well.  Possibly an outdoor concert.  Lunde says the Mississippi River continues to attract international visitors.  Even during the economic downturn.


Sunday - February 21, 2010 8:40 pm


"We're all veterans now"  "We've all had one game to get going and we're all out of excuses."LaCrosse Spartan Q.B. Jimmy Sangster following last night's pre season loss to the Green Bay Blizzard.  The Blizzard kicked a field goal as time ran out to defeat the Spartans 14 to 11.  Sangster is already gearing up for Friday's regular season opener versus Wichita.


Friday - February 19, 2010 4:51 pm


An expansion at LaCrosse's Hillview care center remains under consideration. County board chair Steve Doyle points out that the LaCrosse campus has a nursing home and space for independent living.  But, doesn't serve assisted living clients.  People who need some care but aren't ready for a nursing home which comes as a greater expense to the county and state government.  The board will consider a new multi - million dollar facility this spring.  Even with baby boomers reaching their golden years.... Doyle says the area has less nursing home space than it did a few decades ago because more elderly people are able to stay in their homes longer or utilize other forms of care short of the nursing home.


Thursday - February 18, 2010 5:57 pm


Drowning .  That's what caused the death of Craig Meyers according to LaCrosse county medical examiner John Steers.   He tells Wizzum News that alcohol intoxication and hypothermia contributed to the 21 year old college student's death.   A blood test which is the standard for testing for alcohol won't be available until next week.  Steers says Meyers tested 2.8 on the urine test.   But, that test registers higher than the BAC.  Craig's body was found in the Mississippi River on Tuesday.  He had been missing since early Sunday.