Brad Williams

Brad Williams

A native of Prairie du Chien, Brad graduated from U-W-La Crosse and has worked in radio news for more than 30 years, mostly in the La Crosse area.  Brad writes the website "Triviazoids," which finds odd connections between events that happen on a certain date, and he writes and performs with the local comedy group Heart of La Crosse.  He's been featured on several national TV programs because of his memory skills.  

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The sixth-grader will take part in the Scripps spelling bee beginning Wed.


Memorial Day first observed 149 years ago


In May of 1977, the La Crosse airport was considering repairs to two runways which were becoming worn out.  One plan called for paving the runways with concrete.  That might cost $6 million, but the repair work would last about 20 years.  A cheaper alternative would be an asphalt surface, that might only hold out for five years.
Was the La Crosse school district holding out on the public?  School board chairman William Temte says no cover-up was intended, when the district failed to publicly release a study of the need for a new Logan High School.  The report had been given to the Logan principal in April...of 1976.  The principal had sent copies to the school board office, and assumed that the board members had seen them.  But in those 13 months, the only administrator who had actually read the report was Superintendent Eugene Balts. 
The original 'Star Wars' opened in the U.S. 40 years ago this week.  It replaced a thriller called 'The Car' as the number one movie in America, and held the top spot at the box office for 10 weeks, between May and October.  Other films which reached number 1 during that period included the Disney cartoon 'The Rescuers' and 'The Spy Who Loved Me,' with Roger Moore as James Bond.  That was in 1977, yesterday in La Crosse.

The 30-ton rail car was gift from BNSF.


Some designs at the UW-L site call for demolition of it all.


In May of 1972, a study committee in La Crosse ended six months of research into the ideal size of the common council.  The council had 21 members at the time, and the committee recommended that it be shrunk to nine members, at the most.  And most council members seemed to be against a reduction.  The study suggested that a large council made it hard to pinpoint responsibility for decisions at City Hall.  Eventually, the council was reduced to 17 members...and this year, the number dropped even lower, to 13.
The spring musical at UW-L was being boycotted by a student group.  'La Raza Unida' was a group of Latino students on campus.  They protested the production of 'West Side Story,' about rival street gangs in New York, because the Puerto Rican characters were not played by Latino actors. 
And the 'High Quiz Bowl' show on Channel 8 finished its first season in a dramatic way.  Viterbo and First Federal sponsored the weekly contest between area high schools.  The '72 championship game between Houston, Minnesota and Eau Claire Memorial came down to a sudden-death tie-breaking question, with Houston scoring the winning points.  Forty-five years ago, 1972, yesterday in La Crosse.

Town board could appeal decision, while PSC could reopen dispute.


In 1966, Herberger's department stores had a contest, sponsored by Wrangler jeans, in which the grand prize was a Rolls-Royce roadster...made in 1931.  Even if no La Crosse customer won the car, they could still get a record player, or a 12-inch TV, or portable hair dryers.

Folks in Wisconsin watched TV coverage of a moon landing in 1966...the landing of the unmanned Surveyor 1 satellite.  Surveyor was the first American spacecraft to land on soil away from the earth.  That same week, Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan went into Earth orbit on the Gemini 9 flight.  The two-man Gemini program would end after three more missions in '66.  Stafford eventually circled the moon in Apollo 10, and Cernan was the last human to walk on the lunar surface in 1972.

How about a day trip from La Crosse to Minneapolis and back?  A chartered bus trip was planned on a Thursday in May.  Leave La Crosse at 7:30 in the morning, arrive in the Twin Cities at 11.  You'd have the whole afternoon free until getting back on the bus at 5:30, and returning to La Crosse at 9 p.m.  There would be brief stops in Red Wing on the way up and back.  Total cost...$5.50.  Cheap travel 51 years ago, 1966, yesterday in La Crosse.


Tuesday - May 23, 2017 12:59 pm

La Crosse flooded for 2nd time in a year

River may stay above flood stage through Memorial Day


Tuesday - May 23, 2017 8:44 am

Losey Boulevard needed work, 59 years ago

In May of 1958, the L.G. Arnold Company of Eau Claire was the low bidder for a concrete paving project on Losey, from State Road south to Ward Avenue.  The part of Losey north of State Road had been paved the year before. 
La Crescent needed a new high school, and that May, voters overwhelmingly agreed to buy a 10-acre site on the south side of town for a new school.  Only 16 of the 200 voters opposed the land deal.  It took another nine years for that new La Crescent school to actually be built. 
Former Minnesota Governor Harold Stassen was trying to become the second man ever to serve as governor of two different states.  The first was Sam Houston.  Stassen was 51, and living in Pennsylvania.  He had worked for President Eisenhower on disarmament issued, and resigned to run in the Republican primary for governor of Pennsylvania.  Stassen's loss in '58 was considered the end of his last serious campaign for political office.  He ran for president several times after 1958, claiming that was the most effective way to get his political ideas out in public.
Sports fans in La Crosse who had TV sets were in luck on Wednesday nights.  They could watch boxing at 9:00 on Channel 8, and then pro wrestling after the late news.  Fifty-nine years ago, 1958, Yesterday in La Crosse.

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