Brad Williams

Brad Williams

A native of Prairie du Chien, Brad graduated from U-W-La Crosse and has worked in radio news for more than 30 years, mostly in the La Crosse area.  Brad writes the website "Triviazoids," which finds odd connections between events that happen on a certain date, and he writes and performs with the local comedy group Heart of La Crosse.  He's been featured on several national TV programs because of his memory skills.  

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The Asian student-employee whom
remarks were made toward has since quit.



Sparta astronaut Deke Slayton was supposed to fly on one of the original Mercury space missions in the 1960's, but a heart problem kept him grounded for more than a decade. When Slayton finally made it onto the crew of a joint American-Soviet mission in 1975, about two dozen relatives went to Cape Canaveral for the lift-off. Several Sparta area businesses ran advertisements in the La Crosse Tribune to wish him luck, including Felland's Shoe Store, H and R Block, and the Morrow Memorial Home.




The New Villa restaurant on Ward Avenue had more than just fine dining at times. Doerflinger's department store put on a fall fashion preview at the New Villa in '75. And during an anniversary celebration, the bar featured Bob Hirsch's jazz band and local comedian Ronnie Eastman.




At the Embers restaurant on Rose Street, you could buy two eggs, hashbrowns, and toast for only 79 cents. Embers was later replaced by a Walgreen's store, but it was a popular place to eat in 1975, Yesterday in La Crosse.





Chancellor says termination was because of racist
remarks, not political, surrounding Trump's travel ban.


Sunday - March 19, 2017 4:07 pm

Red Raiders bring the gold ball to La Crosse

First WIAA state basketball title for Central in 92 years.


Saturday - March 18, 2017 8:51 pm

Community Theatre celebrates new Hall of Fame

Class of 2017 inductees honored Saturday night.


Saturday - March 18, 2017 10:04 am

Winona JC Penney to close

Retailer swoon continues for brick and mortar stores.


Friday - March 17, 2017 8:47 am

The superintendent was moving on, 40 years ago

In March of 1977, the La Crosse School Board accepted the resignation of superintendent Eugene Balts, who had accepted the same job in Rice Lake.  To succeed Balts, the district hired an Illinois man who is still active in La Crosse government today...Dick Swantz.  The school board also supported the plans for a new northside high school to be opened in the fall of '79.  That school would become the new Logan High. 
The man in charge of the Sawyer Auditorium, Michael Gebauer, said he was getting offers to run civic centers in other cities, but he wanted to stay in La Crosse.  The city council was looking into replacing the 22-year-old Sawyer with a newer building.  The number of events booked at the auditorium had risen about 50 per cent in just five years, with 22 basketball games played there in 1976.
CBS aired the last episode of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' that week, while a new sitcom on ABC made its debut...'Three's Company.'  Top contenders for the Oscars, being given out that month, were 'Network,' 'Taxi Driver,' 'All the President's Men,' and 'Rocky.'  That was 40 years ago, 1977, Yesterday in La Crosse. 

Thursday - March 16, 2017 6:34 pm

La Crosse Area Day celebrates 20 years

Tickets went on sale for the Miller Park trip June 8.


In 1959, Bingo games were illegal in Wisconsin.  Some Milwaukee lawmakers tried to get a referendum on the ballot to permit Bingo.  It didn't happen until the 70's.  TV Bingo games were tried for a brief time in 1966, including on La Crosse's WKBT.  But the state shut down the games because businesses that didn't offer TV Bingo cards were at a competitive disadvantage.

There was still a grocery store every few blocks in La Crosse in '59.  The Model Market stood at 9th and Vine.  National Foods was at 5th and Cass.  La Crosse had two Super Valus, on the Causeway and at Jackson Plaza.  The A & P had stores on 6th Street, and on West Avenue near St. Francis Hospital.

The biggest hit movie of 1959 was also the winner of the best picture Oscar that year...'Ben-Hur,' starring Charlton Heston. Number 2 at the box office was the Disney cartoon 'Sleeping Beauty.' Rounding out the top 5 were 'North by Northwest' with Cary Grant...'Some Like It Hot,' with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon, all wearing dresses...and the Doris Day-Rock Hudson comedy 'Pillow Talk.' Fifty-eight years ago, 1959, yesterday in La Crosse.







Rose-George street intersection will be redone, beginning soon.


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