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President Trump's numbers vastly different amount Rep. and Dems.

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Republicans not in favor because it could mean higher premiums.

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Law passed in 2011 barred collective bargaining over work conditions, pay increases.

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Sunday - July 26, 2015 12:00 am

Trump attacks Walker in Iowa

No presidential candidate is safe from the ire if the Donald.  Not even the one republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has referred to as a 'nice guy.'  Trump went double barrel on Wisconsin governor Scott Walker on Saturday, according to those covering Trump while he campaigns in Iowa.  At a campaign event, Trump said Wisconsin is a mess under Walker, referencing budget deficits, high levels of borrowing and crumbling infrastructure.  Trump also labeled the state's education and hospital systems, 'a disaster.'  The attack prompted in part by Trump trailing Walker in Iowa even while the Wisconsin governor comes up second to Trump in polling among republicans nationwide.  

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Monday - July 20, 2015 12:00 am

Heck: Goodbye to campaign spending limits

An ugly precedent set by state supreme court justices this week. 
That's according to Jay Heck from Wisconsin Common Cause.  He says, with justices ruling an end to a John Doe probe into illegal campaign coordination activity between governor Walker and supporters, the state is looking at a world of full-blown, money-driven politics and will likely see current campaign spending limits openly ignored.
 Heck says the decision was also driven by money because the same groups for which majority justices ruled in favor were the ones donating big to get those justices elected in the first place.
This is the second secret John Doe probe focused on Walker's campaign activities since he took office.
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It's being called a big victory for Scott Walker, as he starts his official campaign for president.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court has halted a John Doe probe into Governor Walker's campaign activities during the 2012 recall election.  Rick Essenberg from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty calls the decision a victory for everyone, because it should discourage prosecutors from starting investigations for partisan reasons.

The conservative majority of the Supreme Court voted to stop the probe into whether Walker's campaign was illegally involved with groups that supported him.




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Monday - July 13, 2015 12:00 am

Walker's in for presidential run

Governor Scott Walker tweeted this morning that he's running for president. "I'm in," says the tweet.  Shortly after, his first campaign video came out.


In the video, Walker says America needs new, fresh leadership with big bold ideas from outside of Washington to actually get things done. Walker is the 15th Republican to enter the race for the White House next year. The official announcement comes this afternoon in Waukesha.

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