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Friday - June 16, 2017 2:34 am

DNR cleaning up beaches along Mississippi River

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Dresbach Dam on the Mississippi River in Dresbach, Minn. Dresbach Dam on the Mississippi River in Dresbach, Minn. Rick Solem

Group will cut back vegetation and use herbicide.

Around 40 beaches that line the Mississippi River will be cleaned up next week by a group of conservationists from the Wisconsin DNR.

The beaches go from Onalaska to Genoa, Wis., and the DNR will be removing invasive plants, such as poison ivy that has crept onto the beaches.

The group plans to primarily cut back vegetation, but also apply herbicide on the more aggressive species.

Mississippi River planner Sara Strassman says this is the beginning of a large-scale effort.

We got feedback from the public, in particular, concerned about vegetation on the beaches," Strassman said. "Poison ivy is one of those major elements folks are really concerned about.

"We're hoping to see a lasting results for quite a number of years."

Rick Solem

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