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Monday - June 5, 2017 5:27 pm

While in jail, La Crosse woman says $500,000 worth of Jordans stolen from home

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Police raided the Jackson St. home for drugs
but, apparently, didn't fix the broken front door.

Less than a week after her house was raided by police, a La Crosse woman's house was burglarized. 

While Megan McCarthy was in jail, her house at 1016 Jackson St. was allegedly robbed. The 32-year-old says 26 pair of Jordan brand shoes worth $500,000 were stolen. She said a $500 flat-screen TV was missing, as well.

Police found 8.4 grams of heroin, meth, over 100 used needle and other drugs from the raid Wednesday, after a month-long investigation.

McCarthy is blaming both the police for breaking her front door and not securing it, and the media, for, apparently, reporting that her home was unoccupied, since she was behind bars.

Two suspects were seen leaving the house with garbage bags. Police say they checked on the door, which was closed but unsecured.

The 10 most expensive Jordans ever sold, according to finances online, are valued at a combined $334,747. Two pair of Jordans have sold for $104,000 and $100,000. After that, the third-most expensive Jordan sold for $31,000.

McCarthy's 26 Jordans would have to be worth an average of just over $19,230 each to add up to her half-million-dollar claim.

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