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Tuesday - May 16, 2017 4:14 am

Odds good for lower speed limit on Losey Blvd. Featured

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Other traffic calming measures are also being considered, including roundabouts.

The neighborhoods will probably like it. Those getting to and from work probably won't.  

The city council will vote next month on lowering the speed limit on Losey Blvd. in La Crosse from 30 to 25 miles per hour.

City council member Gary Padesky has constituents who live along Losey and gives the proposal pretty good odds.

In fact, nearly half the council has constituents along the very busy street and would likely support the lower limit.

"This is still a neighborhood," Padesky said. "Even though it's a connecting highway, it's a neighborhood. The people who live in that neighborhood have the right to a safe area."

A slower speed just for trucks had been considered but Padesky doesn't see that working and paints a unique picture of it not.

"The reason you just can't say trucks is because you'll have every Tom, Dick and Harry complaining to themselves that the trucks are going to slow, and they'll be flooring it, going around trucks, hitting people on recumbent bikes trying to cross Losey Blvd.," Padesky said.

Other traffic calming measures are also being considered, including roundabouts.

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