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Sunday - May 14, 2017 10:28 pm

Wisconsin Assembly passes bill to fine parents for their truant children Featured

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Onalaska superintendent doesn't agree with the potential law.

It's up to the state Senate now on whether to approve a bill that would fine parents for their truant children.

Onalaska Schools superintendent Fran Finco doesn't agree with the possible new law.

"Maybe there's a better way," Finco said. "Maybe they want to put money towards helping each school district have a social worker who could meet with those families. 

"More of a proactive, positive approach, as opposed to a spanking."

Parents who have students with five unexcused absences would be fined up to $150 per month. The measure was passed by Assembly Republicans 62-35.

Finco's staff tries to get to the root of the problem.

"What we try to do is find out why it's happening in the first place and try to help the parents with that," Finco said. "Maybe they don't have transportation. Maybe there's issues there we can help with to make sure their kids come to school."

Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, R-New Berlin, is the author of the bill.

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