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Friday - April 21, 2017 2:33 am

Walker to sign bill allowing use of CBD oil, which will be illegal to obtain for those needing it

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Families would have to cross state lines to
get the marijuana extract and that's illegal.

Families in Wisconsin will be able to use CBD oil soon.

How they get it, that's still a problem.

This week, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is signing into law the use of the marijuana extract that helps with seizures, anxiety and other ailments.

But, that law won't go far enough, according to state rep. Chris Taylor thanks to a fundamental flaw.

"The problem however with the bill was there was no way for people to get access to the oil," Taylor said. "So, parents can get it somewhere - across state lines, which is illegal."

Taylor and Sen. Joe Erpenbach introduced legislation earlier this year calling for the legalization of medical marijuana - 28 states already do - but it didn't get enough support in the legislature.

"It's kind of ridiculous that we're breaking down this plant, saying certain parts of it can be used," Taylor said, "when, what the evidences really shows us now, after decades of research, is that marijuana can really help people with certain debilitating conditions."

When it comes to this issue, Taylor thinks the people should decide, since the research and the public's view is so different that that of the government.

"The public is so far ahead of us on this issue," Taylor said. "The vast majority of people in this state support making marijuana available for really sick individuals."

Taylor says younger Republicans seem more open to the idea of medical marijuana.


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