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Wednesday - April 19, 2017 11:14 pm

City asked to review book for teens, after seventh-grader complains about it at school Featured

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Student said its sexist, biased and
promotes religion, among other things.

A seventh-grader from Logan Middle School has complained about a book.

La Crosse's human rights commission is now being asked to review the book, "The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make - A Guide For Teens."

The complainant apparently described the book offensive to non-white readers, sexist, biased and openly promoting religion, which could be viewed inappropriate in a public school setting.

A formal complaint to the commission claims Logan is the only middle school in La Crosse where the book is being taught, and it's required reading in at least one class.  

Commission member Elizabeth Digby Britten told the panel that many Logan students are being required to read it, but parents were not told that the book had been assigned to their kids.

She says the school went back on a promise not to teach the book anymore and, at least one student has transferred to a different middle school in La Crosse because of that decision.  

Digby Britten also says she's concerned about the free speech rights of the specific Logan students who were given no choice of whether to read the book or not.

The book by Sean Covey claims teens with learning disabilities can get over their problems with a positive attitude. It also presents college as the only worthwhile path to a career.

The book is rated over four stars - out of five - on iTunes, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble.

No official complaint has been filed yet with the commission.



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