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Monday - April 17, 2017 2:20 am

"Nobody's got to use the internet," said 73-year-old Wis. Congressman on internet privacy

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Republican rep. Sensenbrenner voted to strike down FCC data collecting rules.

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. -- Comments from a Wisconsin Congressman on Internet privacy made its way from a town hall discussion last week to national news.

"Nobody's got to use the Internet," is how 73-year-old Republican Jim Sensenbrenner began his comments at a Menomonee Falls town hall in response to a question from a woman who talked of having only one choice to get the internet.

Sensenbrenner was trying to defend his vote to strike down proposed regulations that would stop Internet service providers from collecting and selling customers' data, including their browsing habits.

The information can be used by advertisers and other organizations to target customers, concerning many Democrats and consumer advocates.

Sensebrenner went on to argue it's not the government's role to regulate Internet providers as if they're public utilities.

The tweet from the American Bridge PAC staff member said Sensenbrenner told his constituents "not to use the internet if they don't like his vote to sell out their privacy to advertisers." Sensenbrenner's press office responded in a tweet: "Actually, he said that nobody has to use the Internet. They have a choice. Big difference."


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