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Thursday - April 13, 2017 2:11 am

Minnesota fares much better in tech industry jobs than Wisconsin

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Avg. tech salary in Wisconsin is over $16,000 less than Minnesota.

Sure, Wisconsin is the cheese state and a big manufacturing state and has supper clubs and deer camp. 

The technology state, however? Not so much. Or is it?

According to a new study on tech in the U.S., Wisconsin places 20th in the nation in the number of tech jobs.

The study from the Computing Technology Industry Association finds tech jobs are on the rise in Wisconsin although, as a percentage of the workforce, the state is still in the lower half of all states.

Average tech wages also place the state well below the national average of $108,000. In Wisconsin, the average tech worker makes closer to $79,000.

Minnesota fares much better. The state ranks 17th in number of tech jobs and blows Wisconsin away in salary at $95,939.

California's average tech worker makes about $154,000. 

Back in Wisconsin, the state ranks fifth for number of women employed in the tech industry. The state, however, ranks near the bottom in innovation, which measures number of startups per capita, among other things.  Wisconsin is 40th there, while Minnesota is 18th.

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