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Wednesday - March 22, 2017 1:21 am

La Crosse Congressman Kind sees GOP healthcare replacement as tax break for rich

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Many Republicans rumored to vote no for the bill, despite Trump warnings.

New reports showing the Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act might not be good for poor people. That's leading to some stark divisions among Wisconsin lawmakers over the proposals.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is still a fan and pushing for support. Fellow Republican Ron Johnson doesn't think the bill can pass this year.

La Crosse Democratic Congressman Ron Kind, meanwhile, is calling it more of a tax cut bill for the rich.

"The wealthiest 1 percent will receive a $200,000 yearly tax break under the Republican healthcare bill," Kind said. "

"That's why they're cutting Badger care and that's why they're cutting these tax credits, to middle and low income families, making it impossible for them to afford healthcare."

As Republicans still fight with each other to repeal and replace the ACA, Kind sees the action unnecessary.

"If they want to be honest with the American people," Kind said, "they should just admit that there's a lot of good important things under the Affordable Care Act that we shouldn't change, we shouldn't touch. 

"But there are things that aren't working, including the ind insurance market for those who don't qualify for any premium tax credits."

Kind won't vote for the Republican bill. But many Republicans won't either, apparently, though President Donald Trump has warned they get in line.

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