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Wednesday - March 15, 2017 2:13 am

Analysis says Trumpcare will save government $337 billion, but cost older and poor

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Those who can't afford work insurance won't be eligible for assistance.

Reactions this week to a Congressional Budget Office report on impacts of the new Republican health care plan for the nation range from surprise to devastation.

From the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, Jon Peacock says he's somewhere in that range.

"The analysis (by the CBO) confirms our worst fears about this proposal," Peacock said. "The number of people who will end up uninsured is even higher than we have feared."

The CBO report forecasts 24 million will lose health insurance over the next decade under the plan some are calling "Trumpcare." 

Estimates are the plan will save the federal government $337 billion. 

But, Peacock says, older Americans and those with lower incomes are expected to pay more for health care. And, those who can't afford employer-based insurance won't be eligible for any assistance under the plan.   

"The changes that are going to result from the proposal are going to knock a whole lot of people out of the health insurance market because they simply can't afford it," Peacock said.

And that's true, says Peacock, particularly with those in lower income brackets, who will no longer be able to take advantage of tax credits to offset the cost of insurance.

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