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Friday - March 10, 2017 2:05 am

Council proposal to ban all-u-can-drink specials in La Crosse Featured

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Rule would also ban playing drinking games.

The days of all-you-can-drink, as well as 3-for-1s may be be numbered at bars and restaurants in La Crosse.

A new proposal by the city council would ban those specials, along with bars or restaurants even allowing customers to play drinking games.

City council member Bob Seaquist says it's an effort to limit binge drinking in La Crosse. 

"One bar owner called it the first-day death crawl," Seaquist said. "Where someone on their birthday, especially their 21st birthday, gets blind drunk and is way way over-served, and that just simply is not right."

Seaquist says those specials simply promote too much heavy drinking.

"We, frankly, can go out and have a few drinks and have a good time without getting blind, puking drunk," he said.

Another proposal would call for more training for those tending bar at local festivals.

Seaquist went on to explain how his plan differs from city rules against overserving. 

"It clarifies a lot of things about being over-served and about binge drinking," he said. "Face it, binge drinking is a public health crisis in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest.

"We are No. 1 as far as binge drinking and that costs money and damage from auto accidents and lost work time."

The proposal will be considered by the council in the coming month.


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