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Friday - February 17, 2017 4:20 am

Former DNR sec., not happy current admin. dropping 100-year-old publication

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Leadership says it's no longer part of mission.

A former DNR secretary in Wisconsin is very critical of the move by the current agency to get rid of its 100-year-old magazine.  

The last issue of the publication, Wisconsin Natural Resources, will come out next year. It's just no longer part of the mission of the agency, says current leadership. 

Nonsense, contends George Meyer, who led the agency for eight years (1993-2001). He says the magazine is a conduit for education. Meyer thinks little of the official explanation.

"They don't consider education and communication for a natural resource agency to be one of their core functions," he said. "I can tell you virtually every environmental and natural resource agency across the country disagrees with that."

Meyer suggests the real reason the DNR wants to discontinue the magazine is to further whitewash the agency's position on global climate change.  

Meyer, now head of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, says the agency is shooting itself in the foot by ending its key educational platform.

"This is a very effective (education tool)," Meyer said. "It's been done in a very professional way, readable to the average citizen and that's important."


Mitch Reynolds

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