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Friday - February 17, 2017 1:53 am

La Crosse time capsule from 1960s, forgotten in courthouse wall, opened Thursday

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Copper box was accidentally discovered during remodel of old courthouse

A 51-year-old time capsule seemingly forgotten in the La Crosse courthouse walls was opened Thursday.

After Jim Speropulos used a hand-held can opener to cut open the copper time capsule, revealed were books, 1960s newspapers and coins from that ear. The capsule also contained souvenirs from the old 1903 courthouse, including records of some county services that no longer exist.

The capsule was hidden in the wall of the former courthouse in January of 1966, and accidentally discovered a few weeks ago as crews were remodeling. 

It's possible some of the items will be sealed into a new time capsule - along with current items - that, perhaps, the city won't forget about.

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