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Monday - December 19, 2016 8:37 am

La Crosse-Shelby boundary agreement almost complete

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 The final pieces of a new boundary agreement between local governments are getting put into place.

La Crosse city council member Ryan Cornett, on the committee that has been negotiating a long-term agreement with the town of Shelby for the past two years, says most of all of the details in the agreement have been hammered out.

All the details, however, they're still holding back on, including final numbers for how much Shelby will pay La Crosse in a revenue-sharing deal.


"We didn't want to give a number out there, so people would run with it and freak out about it, because the range is pretty wide," Cornett said. "Once people hear the number, it's really not unreasonable. It's quite low. (It) won't come out of their tax bill. It's not going to be a fee on someone's home. It's going to come out of the general fund."

The new agreement, expected to be signed by both local governments in March, addresses issues related to parks, libraries, policing, sewer and water and others.  

"We're on track," Cornett said. "As we said, we didn't want to release every single number to the public, because we don't want to have people running with false nubmers. But, yeah, we're really close to getting this done."

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