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Thursday - September 1, 2016 4:43 pm

La Crosse man charged with raping 14-year-old Featured

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Brothers allegedly held gun to girls head during rape

So far, one La Crosse man has been charged with raping a 14-year-old girl. 

According to the the criminal complaint, 20-year-old Jeremy Wrencher and his brother, while holding a gun to the girl's head, forced both oral and sexual intercourse on the 14-year-old.

Right now, however, just Jeremy Wrencher has been charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child under 16.

The incident happened Aug. 23. The girl reported to the police the next day, but then a day after that, she changed her statement.

She told police the original statement wasn't entirely true.

She told the police her mother drove her to Jeremy Wrencher's apartment on 7th St. South. 

The two smoked weed and drank, before Jeremy Wrencher forced her to have intercourse in his bedroom.

Afterward, she said Jeremy Wrencher messaged his brother. As she was trying to leave, the brother entered the residence, pushed the girl to the ground and told Jeremy Wrencher to get the gun.

After that, the brother - with the gun to her head - forced the girl to have oral sex, while Jeremy Wrencher got on top of her and forced sexual intercourse again.

Afterward, she left and called her sister to come get her.

When police asked why she didn't initially tell them what happened, she became very emotional and said she was scared that if she told police what really happened the brothers would kill her.

Wrencher appeared in court Thursday, where his bond was set at $10,000 cash. He'll have a preliminary hearing Wednesday. The brother has not yet been charged.

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