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Monday - July 23, 2018 1:19 am

Instructional priorities set for La Crosse School District teachers

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The instructional priorities are in place for the La Crosse School District for the upcoming year.

Each department head gave reports to associate superintendent of instruction Troy Harcey, who said the ability to have students succeed after school is still high on the list.

"We keep looking for those relationships, where by we're looking for career, college and life readiness for our students, and trying to put the district in the position and having the relationships in place, so that we've got places to leverage for our students going forward," Harcey said.

While looking at the next budget, the district asked department heads to come up with things that should be focused on when teaching for the year.

"Our time with children is limited and valuable, and so we want to make sure that the practices that we're using are, not only effective, but the best that we can have and so we want researched-based best practices," Harcey said.

Harcey added that teachers look at techniques and practices that have been tried all over the country to see the best way to reach the students.

He also noted in his presentation to the school board the many changes within department heads for the year are due to retirements.

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