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Friday - July 13, 2018 1:45 am

City council originally had the votes to override Kabat's veto of $49 million La Crosse Center expansion

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One thing to point out with the La Crosse city council missing its chance to override Mayor Tim Kabat's veto is what would have happened if two members wouldn't have changed their vote.

The council needed 9 of 13 votes to override Kabat's veto of the $49 million plan at a meeting Thursday night.

Back in June, the original city council vote was 7-4 in favor of expansion with two members abstaining.

Thursday, those two members — David Marshall and Roger Christians  voted to override Kabat's veto. With the original 7 votes, plus theirs, that gave the council its nine votes to override the veto — had no other votes changed.

Instead, the motion failed, because both Justice Weaver and Doug Happel changed their votes from Yay to Nay, instead sustaining Kabat's veto of the expansion.

Rick Solem

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